Keiichi Tanaami

A Perfect Peach-Pink Day

, Dresden

A Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink DayA Perfect Peach-Pink Day
  • Keiichi Tanaami "A Perfect Peach-Pink Day" 2017

    Keiichi Tanaami about his new colorful drawings titled "The Catalogue of Eccentricity" (as partly seen in the exhibition):

    “These works are a series on paper, depicting the world that he has never seen, consisting of otherworldly objects of any kind, often involve deformities, e.g. titan, dwarf, hunchback, conjoined twins, one-eyed giant man, man with reversal limbs, bearded woman, man with acromegaly, transsexual before the surgery, deformity at a freak show, corpse, etc. The countless combinations of these objects were deliberately made, intended to surpass Tanaami's imagination arisen from his vast memory that enables the embodiment of the otherworld he wished to see.”

    Keiichi Tanaami, born in 1936 in Tokyo, is one of the leading pop artists in Japan. Upon graduating from Musashino Art University, where he studied design, Tanaami briefly took up work at an advertising agency before leaving to pursue an independent career. Since then he has used his broad artistic talents to develop a diverse oeuvre that includes graphic design, video art, collage, and painting. Following his graduation in the mid-’60s, he was baptized, so to say, by psychedelic culture and pop art and he broadened his range of work to include animation, silkscreen, cartoon-like illustration, collage, experimental film, painting, and sculpture, which he continues to this day. He was particularly inspired by the experience of meeting Andy Warhol in the ’60s, and now he’s called the father of the Japanese Pop Art.
    His work has been extensively exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, National Portrait Gallery (Washington), M+(Hong Kong) and Centre Pompidou, Paris.  
    Tanaami’s recent major exhibitions: “International Pop” (2015-2016, traveled to: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis / Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas), “The World Goes Pop” (2015, Tate Modern, London), “Unorthodox”(2015-2016, The Jewish Museum, New York), “Passion: Fan Behavior and Art” (2015-2016, traveled to: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin / Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest), “MYSTIFIERS” (2016, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow), etc. 
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